Monday, 13 September 2010

Rambling thoughts about shit.

I don't believe the big bang theory is necessarily correct, only very slightly supported. 
I FUCKING ACCEPT THAT I DON'T KNOW HOW THE WORLD ORTHE UNIVERSE OR LIFE WAS CREATED. I live my life like anyone else, content with this. 

What happens when you die? You switch off forever, since there's no longer an electric current in the mass of protozoa between your ears. 

How did humans get here? We were fucking lucky, that's how. Nothing more, nothing less, we're just fucking lucky. (Or unlucky. Is it better to be alive for 80-odd years and then return to the eternity of nothing-ness, or just be the nothingness for ever?) 

I don't need to cling to false ideologies to validate my existence. I hold absolutely no beliefs that Christians do. People that feel the need to turn life into a fictional story are just plain stupid. 

Personality? "Soul?" Nothing more than different configurations of nerve cells. 

Was there a man named Jesus who did some cool shit? There might well have been, but it's not the same guy that was mentioned in the bible. Jesus is nothing more than a plagiarism of the Egyptian god, Horus. He was born on the 25th December after a miracle conception (Isis fucked Osiris when he was dead, but as he was god, it still worked.) he was adored by 3 kings who followed a star in the east, became a child teacher at 12 and was baptized at 30 by Anup. He then died and was ressurected 3 days later. 

Jesus and Horus aren't the only ones either: Attis, Krishna, Dionysus, Mithra and many other religious figures ahdere to the same general story. 

The Egyptians created religion so that they had a powerful form of social control, every other religion is a copy of this. 

The Bible was written by human hands, human hands that couldn't even be fucking original. Enjoy your nothing.

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  1. Jesus was a magician (and probably black).

    Religion's soul purpose for existing is to control.

    Not only was the Bible written by man, most agree that it would have been written a long time after the actual events passed.