Saturday, 23 October 2010

Want a kid? Apply for one

Stupid people don't think about the consequences before they have sex. If they're stupid enough to have unprotected sex then it's probable that they're too stupid to bring up a child. The child then grows up undisciplined and stupid, and finds someone else stupid that was bought up the same way and has a barrage of children. More new kids, again and again and so on and so forth. 

It should be mandatory for every female to have a coil fitted before puberty. Then in the future, if she wants to have children, she takes a competency test and has her domestic situation assessed by a government worker. If she passes the test then a license is granted to have the coil removed for 1 baby. After the birth, the coil is re-fitted. If she wants more children then she has to take the tests again.

The test would ask questions of both the mother and the father to make sure that they're planning on staying together and they're not complete idiots. Also, they have to be financially stable enough to have children. If you can't afford 4 children, then you won't fucking have 4 children.

Some people may argue that putting the regulation of reproduction in the hands of the government is taking away a basic human right, but I disagree. Most people don't deserve a basic human right. We have mid-teen whores everywhere reproducing like rabbits because they're too fucktarded to know what a condom is.(It's nothing to do with a lack of awareness either, we get a ridiculous amount of sex and health education at school.) The children of these chavs grow up in relative poverty, have little or no motivation to succeed in life, end up on drugs, and in prison. It's a tragic waste of human life and a drain on our society. Extreme measures have to be taken to stop this, left wing bullshit solves nothing.

Prove me wrong.


  1. you make a valid point.. we should just sterilize the lower class

  2. May I suggest mandatory abortion in the 4th trimester?

  3. well put...i agree it is a touchy subject for some

  4. Completely agree with you man. Adoption will never cease to be an issue though

  5. the mother and the father don't need to be together in order for a good child to be brought up, that's quite a naive conservative view... also what about christians who don't believe in contraception? you can't really tell them to just fuck off, as tempting as it is

    plus the stupid people that get brought up do serve a functional purpose... they go and do the vocational jobs like building and stuff which other people won't do. even if they don't get a job and end up in prison, they also serve a functional purpose in some respects, but that's sociology that i could write an essay about :P

  6. Of course...i agree with rats too...

  7. While I don't agree with some of the things you've posted, you've raised a valid generalisation, that is - some people shouldn't be afforded the same rights as others simply based on their species.

    Along the same line of reasoning, the ignorant and stupid should be refused the vote and must pass a competency test before being afforded it. Being born into rights is speciesist and not a rational or logical way to allocate rights.

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